Further climate data

Further climate data

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Many people know Lanzarote as the island with guaranteed sun, and it is even possible to fill up with sun in the winter. Not as much as in the summer, but certainly enough:

Sonnenscheinstunden Lanzarote
Average hours of sunshine in Lanzarote

The rainy season lasts for about 2, sometimes 3 months during the winter half year, whereby even during this time it only rains for a few days per month - but then it can really pour. A vacation during this time is therefore not rainy; rather, the rain is a welcome refresher that gives the island its magical green cover. See also photo gallery Lanzarote green

Ragentage Lanzarote
Average number of rainy days in Lanzarote

Whereas during the summer it often remains comfortably warm at night, from autumn until spring it is recommended to bring warm clothes for the evening hours. You will find the average nighttime temperatures in the following graph:

Nachttemperaturen Lanzarote
Average nighttime temperatures in Lanzarote